Oğuzhan Demirok

His area of ​​expertise is information technology, software, business development. Oğuzhan Demirok helps organizations develop and implement custom solutions by aligning their information technology structures with their strategies.
Expertise and Consulting Experience
He specializes in «Retail Information Technologies». He has in-depth knowledge of Information Technology Store Processes, ERPSystems, Customer Relations Management (CRM) Systems, Workflow Systems, Business Intelligence (BI) Systems.
He has served in the projects of establishment of Cash Systems, ERP Systems and CRM Systems of many medium and large companies operating in food, textile, book / stationery sectors.
He played an active role in developing the internal software needs of various group companies.
Training and Work Experience
He graduated from Uludağ University Computer Programming Department and Anadolu University Department of Public Administration. Prior to VIA Management Solutions, he worked in local and international companies as specialist, middle and senior manager in the areas of Software, Business Development and Database Management.