Dr. Engin Sansarcı specializes in the design, modeling and simulation of socio-economic systems and has been conducting theoretical and practical studies in this field for many years at different universities and private sector.

Expertise and Consulting Experience

Management simulations based on the system dynamics methodology have been used in strategic management trainings by more than 1000 managers and management candidates in more than 100 corporate companies. Dr. Engin Sansarcı continues to work as a lecturer, corporate trainer and strategy consultant with his knowledge and experience of more than 15 years.

Training and Work Experience

B.Sc. in Management Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, Bogazici Uni. Engin Sansarcı received his master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and received his doctorate degree in the Department of Management Engineering at Istanbul Technical University for his studies on Dynamic Modeling of Economic Systems. He held various academic positions in the departments of Business and Industrial Engineering at various universities in Turkey, particularly ITU, YTU, Koc University and Duzce University. He is currently a faculty member in the Department of Industrial Engineering at Altınbaş University. conducts undergraduate courses.