VIA Consulting identifies, optimizes, and promotes a culture of continuous improvement to enable companies to work more efficiently.

The following services are provided with process, quality, and continuous improvement approach:

  • Analyzing existing business processes end-to-end with experts
  • Identifying recurrent processes that cause bottleneck and inefficiencies as well as their root causes
  • Developing system solutions and process improvement suggestions provide efficiency to the company
  • Suggesting a world-accepted process management approach in line with the company’s business model
  • Forming business process diagrams and process steps with the participation of authorities
  • Identifying performance objectives and measurement methods for processes
  • Developing a continuous improvement management model that is needed by the company (Kaizen, EFQM, etc.)
  • Establishing a process management unit (if not available) as needed by the company and defining the type of management as well as its place in the organization
  • Building a culture of process management through workshops, training and peer-to-peer knowledge sharing