VIA Consulting provides enterprises with a systematic consulting service solution in strategy determination, strategic planning, implementation of strategies and strategic control processes.

The unique strategic management model developed by VIA Consulting strategy consultants ensures that the strategies in the minds of senior management are spread to the base while providing effective integration between business strategies and employee performances.

In addition to consultancy services, awareness raising, strategic planning and strategic thinking trainings and workshops are organized in order to ensure that the strategic management approach becomes a culture.

Strategic planning services include:

  • Defining company vision, strategic goals and objectives clearly
  • Analyzing company’s strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis) systematically
  • Analyzing company’s products/services, sector, market and its competition
  • Analyzing company’s tangible and intangible assets and determining its basic capabilities
  • Identifying company strategies and preparing shortmedium-long-term strategic plans
  • Ensuring vision-strategy integration by portfolio analysis and strategy maps
  • Developing monitoring and control system of strategic plans in light of technological solutions
  • Identifying company’s growth areas, investments and key performance indicators
  • Undertaking active duties on behalf of the company in the design and partnerships of strategic investment projects as well as purchasing and selling processes