VIA Consulting offers consultancy services in analyzing digital marketing processes of enterprises, determining strategies and restructuring of existing processes.

VIA Consulting provides the following digital marketing consultancy services:

  • Reviewing and reporting digital marketing and communication strategies of brands
  • Analyzing the visual, text and video contents produced and preparing a digital perception report
  • Analyzing advertising performance results and preparing status reports
  • Analyzing active monitoring report results and preparing necessary action plans
  • Examining growth strategies of digital channels and setting goals
  • Determining digital marketing performance metrics (KPIs)
  • Planning and applying content management strategies
  • Planning/suggesting digital campaigns to increase sales or strengthen image
  • Reviewing/supporting media procurement and digital agency management processes
  • Preparing for digital crisis management and creating crisis communication documents
  • Establishing strategic cooperation with related digital media
  • Formation and training of digital teams or planning of trainings