VIA Consulting provides consultancy services to enterprises in order to support their growth strategies in global scale with business development in international markets, right investments, developing new markets and gaining new customers.

Service Scope of International Business Development Consultancy:


Business Development from the Turkish Market to International Markets

 Detailed analysis of the global growth strategies, corporate objectives and expectations of enterprises

  • Country-based research on developing new markets and commercial or strategic guidance to achieve that goal
  • Detailed company research to invest in on the basis of the market or business and process management by supporting investors/sellers at the stage of investment
  • Development of entry strategies to target counties, brand/product positioning and marketing strategies
  • Reaching right clients in the process of business development and management of communication processes
  • Research on buyers, candidate distributors or franchisees in target countries and correct matching of sellers-buyers
  • Financial and non-financial investment as well as profitability analysis regarding countries determined for business development
  • Planning visits to target countries when necessary and visiting those that are decided by planning the required meetings
  • Research on socio-economic state, economic indicators, legal procedures and government incentives in the countries where business development will be applied and providing the necessary guidance
  • In case of need, providing consultancy services in the relevant country regarding on-site company establishment, strategy development, management/development


Business Development from International Markets to the Turkish Market

  • Determination of right investment areas for those who wish to invest in Turkey, and identification of strategies to enter the country by commercial and strategic guidance
  • Management of market research processes for the desired market or the determined business
  • Research on candidate companies for investment within the scope of the relevant market or business and conducting early negotiations on behalf of the investor as well as process management by supporting the seller at the stage of investment
  • Conducting the necessary feasibility studies as well as financial and non-financial analyses for the market or the business
  • Development of positioning and marketing strategies for the brand/product that is planned to be launched on the market
  • Research on right candidate buyers, distributor or franchisees in Turkey and matching the right buyers and sellers
  • Management of establishment procedures depending on the need for establishing a company and ensuring that the company starts its operations
  • Research on Turkey’s socio-economic status, economic indicators, legal procedures and government incentives and providing the necessary guidance
  • Planning visits to candidate clients and visiting those that are decided by planning the required meetings
  • Management of strategy and consultancy on management/development processes to ensure that the business is promoted in the market and grows in a short while


Via Consulting

“Helps investors/managers in their strategic decisions, while supporting their growth in new markets with high profitability.”