Dr. Kamil Bayar

Dr. Kamil BAYAR

Founder, Strategic Planning, Corporate Governance, Retail
Dr. Kamil Bayar is the founder of VIA Management Consulting. He has made significant contributions to the growth of companies by leading corporate and operational ...

Genco Özcan

Retail, Product/Buying Management Expansion
With over 30 years of experience in the retail sector, he provides consultancy support to retailers, product management and retail strategies. Expertise and Work Experience ...


Audit, Risk Management, Finance
Dr. Engin Ergüden has been involved in the audit sector for 25 years, gaining experience in independent, internal and specific audit areas and has provided ...

Ertuğrul YILDIZ

Turquality, Quality Management
He has been actively involved in corporate transformation and Turquality projects of retail companies. Expertise and Consulting Experience He is an expert in quality systems, ...


Human Resources, Process Management, Quality
His areas of expertise are business analysis and job evaluation, compensation management, integrated HR systems, performance management and organizational efficiency analysis. Aytaç Demirelli helps organizations ...


Industrial Engineering, System Modeling, Simulation, Strategy Game
Dr. Engin Sansarcı specializes in the design, modeling and simulation of socio-economic systems and has been conducting theoretical and practical studies in this field for ...
Oğuzhan Demirok


IT, Software, Business Development
His area of ​​expertise is information technology, software, business development. Oğuzhan Demirok helps organizations develop and implement custom solutions by aligning their information technology structures ...


Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, Merchandise Planning
It helps organizations to develop both processes and solutions for the selection and use of technologies specific to their needs by analyzing the business processes ...
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