Dr. Kamil Bayar

Dr. Kamil Bayar is the founder of VIA Management Consulting. He has made significant contributions to the growth of companies by leading corporate and operational strategies of retail, holding and group companies.
Expertise and Consulting Experience:
He specializes in building and implementing structures, strategies, policies and business processes in areas such as management, organizational structuring, strategic planning, process management, retail, marketing, sales and business development. Dr. Kamil BAYAR has experience in working with global and local consulting firms, Boards of Directors, Executive Boards and General Managers. He is fluent in English.
Training and Work Experience
He holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering, a master’s degree in business administration and a doctorate in management and organization. At LCWaikiki, where he worked for a long time, he worked closely with senior management on retail, merchandising, sales and marketing strategies, and made valuable gains in the retail sector. He was responsible for strategic planning and product management units at WeniceKids. He led the process of identifying company and brand strategies, preparing strategic plans and establishing a corporate performance system in important group companies and holdings.